Kayaking Fun

Kayaking Fun Kayaking is the making use of a kayak for travelling across water. It is differentiated from canoeing by the amount of blades on the paddle and the sitting position of the paddler. A kayak is a boat where the paddler faces frontward, legs ahead, using a double-bladed paddle. Majority of kayaks have shut decks, even though sit-on-top and inflatable kayaks are increasing in popularity as well.


Kayaks can further be categorized by their make and the substances from which they are created. Each make has its particular benefit, involving performance, stability, paddling style and maneuverability. Kayaks can be designed of fiberglass, metal, plastic, wood, fabrics, and expandable fabrics such as rubber or PVC, and more currently costly but feather light carbon fiber. Every material also has its particular advantage, involving portability, strength, durability, flexibility, durability, storage requirements and resistance to ultraviolet. For instance, wooden kayaks can be made from kits or constructed by hand. Stitch and glue, plywood kayaks can be lighter than any other substance exclusive of skin-on frame. Inflatable kayaks, designed from lightweight fabric, can be emptied and easily carried and stored.

Types of kayaks

Kayaking alone

"Sit on tops", as the term suggests, provide sitting on top of the kayak in an open area. "Cockpit style" provides sitting with the hips and legs within the kayak hull with a spray deck or "spray skirt" that forms a water resistant seal around the waist. "Inflatables" are a crossbreed of the two former configurations, these boats have deck which is opened, but the paddler sits underneath the level of the deck. "Tandems" are configured for manifold paddlers, contrary to the sole person creations characterized by most kayaks. Tandems can be used by two or even three paddlers.

Activities involving kayaks

Because of their variety and adaptability, kayaks can be useful for other outdoor events like fishing, diving, rescue during floods and wilderness exploration and search.